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Public Speaking Training by Professional Speakers

Our trainers are recognised leading experts in the craft of communication. We are passionate about your ability to make a genuine impact through the professional and cultured use of the spoken word. We are dedicated to improving the quality of public speaking in the UK through training, development, mentoring and of course, by speaking ourselves. We are motivated by the multiple benefits that practicing the art of public speaking can bring and seeing that progress in the people we work with.

Public speaking, presentation skills, voice production, physical presence, developing audience rapport, employing visual aids, use of literary techniques and advanced communication are just some of the areas of expertise our trainers have built up over the years. We have always worked hard to establish professional credibility by demonstrating competency in several arenas. We are communicators and you can be too.

Our Services

  • Tailored Training Courses
  • One-to-One Support
  • Guest Speaking at Your Event


Our trainers Dilwyn, Tony and Tom have over 40 years experience in public speaking training, recognised qualifications from top London institutions and won various prestigious public speaking competitions.


Our clients include political organisations, voluntary organisations, educational groups, businesses and individuals.