Meet Our Trainers

All of our trainers are recognised leading experts in the craft of communication. We are passionate about your ability to make a genuine impact through the professional and cultured use of the spoken word. We are dedicated to improving the quality of public speaking in the UK through training, development, mentoring and of course, by speaking ourselves. We are motivated by the multiple benefits that practicing the art of public speaking can bring and seeing that progress in the people we work with.

Dilwyn Scott

Dilwyn Scott
  • UK Speech Evaluation Champion 2015
  • National President of the Association of Speakers Clubs 2000-2001
  • Associate Diploma in Public Speaking from LAMDA
  • 40 years Experience in Teaching (Headteacher) and Lecturing
  • International Lecturer in Communication Skills
  • Writer and Broadcaster
  • Expert in Chairmanship and Speech Construction

Mobile: 07961 570607

Tony Scott

Tony Scott
  • UK Public Speaking Champion 1999
  • UK Impromptu Speaking Champion 1995
  • Associate Diploma in Public Speaking from LAMDA
  • Over 30 years Lecturing Experience
  • Experienced Host and Compere
  • Expert in Impromptu Speaking and the Use of Visual Aids

Mobile: 07719 025740

Tom Scott

Tom Scott
  • UK Public Speaking Champion 2008 & 2011
  • Fellowship Diploma in Speech, Drama and Communication from London College of Music
  • Fellowship Diploma in Public Speaking from Victoria College of Music, London
  • Gold Medal in Public Speaking from LAMDA
  • Celebrated After Dinner and Burns Speaker
  • Expert in Evaluation, Audience Rapport and Use of Voice

Mobile: 07772 939754
Twitter: @SpeakerUK
LinkedIn: SpeakerUK